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A Hypnotic Play For Everyone

I put on a clean Hypnosis stage show that is appropriate for all age groups. A clean Hypnosis stage show is good wholesome fun perfect for auditorium presentation to students and teachers, after prom stage show, entertainment at employee picnics, benefits, banquets, or a holiday party stage show. Rest assured no one is ever really embarrassed or shamed in a stage show at least no more than singing Karaoke at a reception.

If you as a volunteer felt too uncomfortable you would just not do the skit or come out of Hypnosis. The hypnosis stage show is a challenge for me sometimes because I am laughing right along with the audience. The subjects or guests on stage truly are the stars of the clean Hypnosis stage show and are having fun too. I know it will amaze you because I am standing there in awe and often amazed at what will happen next.


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