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Mending The Mind Is Integral To Healing The Body.

I am a wellness consultant, coach, and a hypnotist.

Michael Hopkins Hypnotist

Hello! I am Michael Hopkins, a hypnotist and an experienced wellness consultant. I have over seven years of experience helping several people with relieving stress. My therapy will help you manage anger and anxiety and overcome smoking habits.


I completed training and was awarded membership from the National Guild of Hypnotist as a certified consulting hypnotist. I received my training from Rev. Dr. William Mitchell, a board-certified instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotist at the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis.

Michael Hopkins

Medical Hypnotist

I am also certified in complementary medical hypnotism through a joint curriculum of the National Guild of Hypnotist. I have also received training from Rev. Dr. C. Scot Giles, a Diplomat and Board Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotist.

Consulting Hypnotist

The curriculum that I studied was based on the understanding that what brings a medically ill client to a consulting hypnotist is primarily fear, worry, and loss of control.

While pain management may remain an important concern for the consulting hypnotist, the vast majority of clients consult a practitioner to obtain relief from fear, worry, and loss of control rather than a specific symptom.

Interest in Hypnosis

I first took an interest in hypnosis in 1977. Back then there was not much known about hypnosis. I mostly practiced self-hypnosis as a hobby and occasionally hypnotized others for the fun of it.

A few years ago I rekindled my interest in hypnosis. I seriously pondered upon the idea and applied myself to the modality and took up hypnosis. I have knowledge in several diverse professional backgrounds. I am a Vietnam veteran and I feel that the experience and maturity enhance my ability to be a hypnotherapist.

Cancer Work

I work with those diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening diseases. My work with cancer patients supports and complements the work of the oncologists. I use meditation, guided imagery, and suggestive therapy to instill confidence, encourage hopefulness and help gain control over one’s life with a renewed meaning and purpose.

Michael Hopkins Hypnotist

Answers to Questions

Are you disappointed with yourself that you can’t seem to quit smoking?

Are you stressed or in fear of dying or the consequences of medical diagnosis such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc.?

Are you considering stem cell therapy? Hypnosis can have a positive effect on the benefits of stem cell therapy. 

Are you struggling with an addiction such as gambling or alcohol?

Does your situation in your marriage, family, health, or work seem somewhat hopeless?

Is there someone you love that is controlling, jealous, angry, or abusive and blames you?

No matter what you do, either at home or work, it is never good enough, or it is always your fault. Well, let me tell you that you can change or eliminate bad emotions almost as easy as turning on or off a light switch. I know that it seems hard to believe, but it is very true.

Did you know that hypnosis is a subconscious state of mind?

Evidence-Based Approach

My methods are based on evidence. They are proven by three pioneering doctors and countless others. In particular, the Mayo clinic success has formed the base for the use of hypnosis as a suggestive therapy.

My research has uncovered the Mayo Brothers or Mayo Clinic secret. It is a simple process. But that same secret could help you with weight loss, quit smoking, overcome fears associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, IBS, surgery, and recovery, or many other health conditions.

Mayo Success

The Mayo brothers learned in the 1890s after they performed 14,000 major surgeries without one death or injury directly traceable to the anesthetic. These were deep abdominal surgeries. This is back when one in four hundred were dying from a complication of the anesthesia.

I know it seems a little unbelievable that 14,000 surgeries and no deaths! Come on, no deaths, it is a fact. Ok then think about this, what made the Mayo brothers or Mayo Clinic so famous?

14,000 Surgeries

It wasn’t their eleven herbs and spices. If you needed major surgery, who would you want operating on you? A surgeon that lost one in four hundred due to complications of anesthetics or a surgeon that had performed 14,000 without one death.

Doesn’t it bother you or at least make you wonder why for all the millions of dollars spent on breast cancer research, prostate cancer trials, and skin cancer treatments, or lung cancer chemotherapy, year after year in this country and others that we haven’t found a broad-based cure for breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc.?

Let me be real clear I have not found a cure for breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer or lung cancer either, but I believe I have found an answer that could double your life expectancy if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc.

Cooperative Venture

This answer is supported based on the following results - a cooperative venture of La Grange Memorial Hospital in La Grange, Illinois, and Dr. Giles and was the first approved program of its kind in America. Patients have been helped since 1991 with spectacular results.

Published outcomes research on this program show that participants have an average ten-year survival that is better than the estimated five-year survival for their cancer when compared to the national cancer outcomes database

Increase Life Span

This means that if you have a cancer diagnosis of a five-year survival rate, then the efficacy could be doubled to ten years by using this one integrative approach along with your conventional cancer treatment.

Oncologists across this country from Dubuque, IA to Houston, TX, are looking at various ways of involving the mind in conjunction with the body through integrative approaches to medicine.

Then, of course, the Mayo Clinic in their integrative medicine and oncology department is back applying what the Mayo Brothers or Mayo Clinic learned and proved over a hundred years ago.

Let Michael Hopkins Hypnotist help you with health and wellness.

You are searching for this website because you are looking for results with your health, beliefs, smoking, or other things that you want to overcome. You are limited because part of you wants to keep it... I can help you overcome that issue!

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